Do it.

Being a leading European energy company, we take responsibility for our customers, shareholders and employees alike. And also for the environment. Long term. Because energy supply is a promise to future generations.

This means that we have to think and act far beyond our day-to-day business: Identifying market changes in good time. Developing supply concepts for decades ahead. Deciding early to invest billions. Always keeping our ambitions high, offering the best possible service to our customers, along with the most environmentally friendly technology and the most efficient processes.

And our driving force is clearly: The energy to lead.

How do we do that?

Don’t Delay. Decide.

Don’t Wait. Make It Happen.

Don’t Stand Still. Go The Extra Mile.

Don’t Cling To The Old. Embrace The New.

Don’t Hesitate. Make Ideas Reality.

Don’t Hinder. Enable.

Don’t Follow. Lead.